Promoting the development of the country

Credit is an essential for any economy more dynamic instrument, that is why it is essential to offer this service swiftly ...

Training Center for Human Development, began his work on 19 July 2001 in conjunction with the Pan American Development Foundation ...

The Center for Productive Development Metalmecánico "CDPM" is a program supported by the microenterprise sector metalworking ...

Contribute to the process of social and economic reintegration of victims of violence located in the city of Cartagena ...


"To do great things, the first thing that you need is to believe that it is possible; second, it is necessary to identify any unsatisfied demand, and third is to assume risks. The force of this trinity of success (confidence-focus-risk taking) is insuperable. These three elements are ultimately the drivers of our destiny that bring us to achieve that which seems in principle to be a fantasy"


Enrique Zurek Mesa


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